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If you want to write, work from home, or design a career that fits into your life-instead of trying to fit your life around your career-then you are in the right place.

Here you will find stories of people who have found their place in the world and resources to help you do the same.

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Have you been searching for a way to make money without going to an office five days a week? Do you dream about a day when you can do your current work from home? Are you looking for more flexibility without sacrificing income?

It is possible to design a career that fits around your life!

But, it can seem impossible to sift through all of the options. How do you determine what is legit and what’s a scam? Do good paying work from home jobs exist? Will your boss really consider letting you work remotely?

These are valid questions!

Over the last few years I have built a writing career that I do 100% from home. I have the flexibility to schedule my work around my life so I do not have to miss anything I want to be at because of work. In addition, I can work from anywhere with just my laptop and an internet connection. Through the blog and education page you will find details on how I built my writing career and resources to help you do same.

Along the way I have met many other people who have built careers outside of the traditional office setting. I am telling their stories as well to show that there are many different ways to design a career that allows you to live the life you want. You can listen to these stories on the podcast and read more about their journeys on the blog.

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Want to know the 1st piece of advice I give to anyone looking to make money writing online?

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The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Writing Online and Getting Paid

Do you want clear and useful information about how to get started writing online?

Do you have the ability to write but feel lost when it comes to navigating the online world?

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about writing online?

In The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Writing Online and Getting Paid you will find clear and actionable information about getting started writing online. You will learn terms and phrases you need to know to understand what employers and clients want. This training guide also includes a list of resources where you can go to hone your writing skills and find work.

Laptop on table with plant and spiral notebookI will show you the exact path I took to design a career that fits around my life and allows me to have the flexibility I desire.

This training program can take you from knowing next to nothing about navigating the world of online writing to a place where you can start building a successful career. If you are not an absolute beginner but need help finding work and landing clients, this program will work for you as well.

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