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About Me – Darisse

I have always held two visions of myself inside my head-the successful and ambitious woman who builds a career that aligns with her values and passions and a stay-at-home mom who is available for all of the things that her kids need. It never once occurred to me in college or graduate school that there might be conflict when I tried to live out both versions simultaneously. When my kids came along I put aside my career ambitions for a while. Then, through some unexpected changes in my life (you can read about that here), I was prompted to put career back on the table. I couldn’t work a traditional 8-5 and fit in all of my family commitments as well so I got to work crafting a career that fit around my life.

I feel so blessed to have found a way to do work that I love and make money doing it-all on a schedule that I can tailor around the other things in my life. Along the way I have met many other people who have taken a non-traditional approach to career. It is inspiring to see the different ways that people find to integrate life and work. Now, I want to share my journey and that of others to illuminate the possibilities out there for crafting careers that are fulfilling, lucrative, and allow for a life outside of the office.

My website is full of resources to help you on your journey of designing a career that fits around your life. The blog is a great place to start if you are exploring There’s a Place in the World for the first time. I am working daily to create new and helpful content so please check back and subscribe to my email list to ensure that you stay up to date on all the latest.

There’s a place in the world for you – let’s find it.

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I currently work with a number of businesses on content creation and digital marketing strategy. If you are a business owner looking for help in this area, please reach out. I would love to talk to you about the difference quality online content can make for your business.

If you are looking for help designing a career that will fit around your life and align with your skills and talents – I can help. I currently work with writers and other creatives who have what it takes to succeed but need some direction in finding the best path to that success. Get in touch for information on individual coaching and other resources.

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